For the love of a friend…

Oh I know! You didn’t expect it. Or even if you did, it wouldn’t be here! πŸ˜›

How dare you?! Yes, you! Traveling on this very important day! How am I to wish you huh? And you are so miserly that you don’t pick up coz you’re on roaming! I’ve half a mind to not talk with you or dump and rubbish all the challenges you given me. Hmph!

I don’t know how that happened. Someone must have put some gasoline near the wicks I guess πŸ˜€

Anyways, now that I’ve got that vent out of my system, to the post itself! πŸ˜›

I have many friends, and as a Leo, I’ve been lucky enough to mingle with many without feeling unease! I’ve also had friends give up on me, and I give up on them. Some have drifted apart, and some find me just not worth it I guess.

When I first traversed on your blog, I knew not what to expect! I knew not that a beautiful friendship was on the cards! I knew not anything about you, except that you sort of looked like a Malayalee in a way! (Way off! I know :P) And now, months afterward, here we are, traversing past blog friends, to a proper friendship, beyond just the walls of the virtual world! It feels so odd to not “bug you” for long, and just leave you to be sad! It feels nice to know you smile when I just say something totally random, and get you distracted from what is at that time irritating you to the core. (even if it is me). And it feels wonderful to have someone sneak in a read of my blog in the lunch interval of a college day! πŸ˜‰

We just talk of things that’s beyond boundaries to other friends, so open-minded and free, that I’m sure anyone (if they heard us) would feel we’re crazy! (We are though, aren’t we?) We know a part of each other that we haven’t shared with many others. We’ve pushed each other to cross boundaries in our writing, the boundaries that we had once placed on ourselves, or rather, we felt others were placing on us. We’ve reignited a blog that was once so dormant, even you didn’t remember it often. We’ve each other on speed-dial (atleast, I do. :P) just in case we need a quick word!

I don’t really have words for our friendship, just a prayer that it always stays from now in its most beautiful form!

For the love of a friend, a good friend, a best friend, and now a best friend forever!

Wish you, Janhvi, a very happy birthday and a wonderful year to come!

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  1. Thank you… words fail me to describe just how special this is for me….
    You have, as always, put very aptly the emotions of having a great new friend…. and though you do not like it… thank you for those smiles and laughs and thank you for this friendship.


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