The perfect heartbreak

  1. A perfect heartbreak? What sort of a phrase it that, you ask. Let me explain. I use the word heartbreak in the common definition it is given now-a-days, that is the ending of a relationship which you had hoped would go on forever. So, how can a heartbreak be perfect.

There are two possible explanations to this :

  1. It was good for the both of you that it ended, it was causing /would have caused a lot of pain.Thus, to end the pain of one, the relation had to end.. even if it is for the reason that one of them was “wrong” in the relationship.
  2. Though things were working out and seemed to be going on good, there was no future to it. It was a monotonous drag that both partners were comfortable with and thus being a part of it.

You might then ask me, why, when the first is of a not good relationship and the other is of a good relationship, have I classified them as the perfect heartbreaks, when I am in essence covering all heartaches. Well, that’s exactly my point now, isn;t it?

All “Heartbreaks” happen for a reason….. so they are all perfect…. for you or anyone they happen too.

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  1. Wow!
    What a beautiful look of your blog 🙂
    As about heartbreak… it is not always for the good and is not always acceptable by the both sides…heartbreaks happens many times but that does not really mean ending up a relationship or to get out of !
    Dedicated hearts get mend again to unite 🙂

  2. I think that I can relate to both. so I know it might not feel that way at first, but in the end it was perfect that it happened, coz in the long run, it was perfect for you. And in that way, you can afford to be selfish and not think of perfection for the other person involved either.


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