The end of the road

Yesterday night, another one of the journeys of my life came to a dead end. For reasons of which I am still in denial my relationship came to an end yesterday.

It hurts that you give someone your everything and it does not work out.

I so want to play the blame game right now and put it all on him but I need to understand that it takes two people for anything to work or fail.

To be honest I don’t even know why I am putting this out here and not in my personal diary. But whatever be the reason, I know one thing. After nearly 3 years of blogging, I am in some ways more comfortable with my readers here than maybe even my personal diary.

To all of you who came here expecting to read a post, I am sorry you had to face a rant.

Take care everyone. And though this won’t make much sense coming from someone most probably in depression, but don’t think too far ahead in life, the more elaborate plans you make, the more it hurts when they break.

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  1. Waiting for new posts… 🙂 🙂

  2. Love is the most cutest feeling when it happens truly for the first time and Love turns to be the most hurting when deplored and that too by the person we are so dedicated too… Is painful and heart breaking!

    ” it takes two people for anything to work or fail.” I don’t agree!
    It is not necessary that the dedication, seriousness or you may say faithfulness from the other side too is same as yours. Few things in life happens without any reason i.e., illogical ! as you know, Time is known for Healing as well as for Destroying. I can understand how heavy and suffocated the heart feels when Love is not valued.
    At such times, its important to prepare your mind to forget everything and move ahead because thinking, regretting for the same will not help you. Instead of getting in depression accept the fact as God’s wish !

    I am glad you shared of your heart! I wish everything gets alright soon.
    Love you Jani! Take care and be happy


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