About Blemished Love..

Janhvi began this blog in 2011, and as is in the blog header, she meant it to portray imperfections in love. Be it any kind of love, not just romantic or lusty.. Sadly, after a while, she got caught up in her own blogging world and this blog went into the folds of privacy. For the rest of that year, not a soul but she knew it was there.

Till suddenly, an idea sparked and she wanted to bring it back to life, like a phoenix from the ashes. Call it an imperfect love for this blog if you would. Old feelings returning, and she wished to get “back with a bang” as they say. For this, she asked her best friend Leo, if he would be a co-author here. Going by instinct, Leo agreed, and thus began the second life.

Just the two of them are there to write, but do join them through your reading, your valuable comments.

If you wish to find them, they are at their blogs, Thoughtful Thoughts (Janhvi’s) and I Rhyme Without Reason (Leo’s) if not here.

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