It is a much debated issue as to when do we come to know that it truly is love and not infatuation. In short, how does one differentiate between infatuation and the real thing?

Here’s how. Patience. IF it’s infatuation, some day soon it will be lost OR becoming centric to one part of the person’s personality. Eg: You might like only the way (s)he talks or sings etc. ┬áSo if after a period of time you start to like one or more characteristics of a person you can rest assured it is not love.

There’s another important lesson here. We cannot ‘love’ a person for his qualities. This is best explained by the line, ‘ If you can find a reason for your love for someone, then it is not love’. And that’s true. Love is a complete package and if one is able to break it into components it is not going to last.

This is simply for the reason that the other person is bound to change someday, no one stays the same in any aspect throughout their life. And when that change comes, what happens to your love?

So all those people, who say that you love the other person BECAUSE…………. face the light, it’s not love. Here’s an example to prove my point : For someone who says I love the other person for the way I am important to that person and the way (s)he cares for me; there will be days that the two of you will have fights or the other person may be unable to give you time and importance for some reason. And yes, such a time WILL come. So then would you stop loving?

Think about it.