What “is” and What is

In this post, I plan to differentiate between how romance is defined for tell tales and what romance really is… based on my personal experience…

The pattern is, the defined part first and then the reality.

What “is”

and then

What is


1. Romance is all about candlelights and champagne

Romance is all about enjoying where you are (any lighting sceme would do), and whatever you have (even a bottle of water works just fine)


2. Romance is all about feeling special

Romance is all about being your true self, which includes being normal, moody, cribby etc


3. Romance is all about the perfect moment for everything

Romance is all about taking everything you do to be special.


4. Lastly, and most broadly, romance is all about the situation and the two “perfect” soul-mates together

Romance is all about being with the imperfect person in maybe not the best situation, but still being together for each other.


That’s my view on the imperfectly perfect romance… What’s yours?


Preached and not practiced

Everyone preaches romance… goes around talking of perfect love stories…
But is there anyone who can claim of truly having a perfect love story?

What is romance?

Most of us (if not all) have grown up to think of romance as candlelight/moonlight, champagne, slow music etc etc.

Romance is so much different and so much more than just this. And that’s why I say that romance is always imperfect. It can’t really be defined and it’s different for each of us. So if the definition of romance is different for me and my partner (which will surely be the case), how does the question of a perfect romance come up at all.

The monsters of Television and Movies have brainwashed us to think that all couples can have nothing more perfect than than a candlelight dinner with soft music at a classy restaurant or a barefoot walk at a moonlit beach. With all due respect to all the ‘classic’ love stories and movies, this is just not the case in real life.

Personally, for me, one way of being romantic is sitting in the arms of my lover (common term : boyfriend), and talking something fruitful to him (instead of the ‘sweet nothings’, we all hear so often mentioned in stories, serials, movies).

Romance is a portrayal of love. And if we have been successfully unsuccessful in defining love, then let’s not try and define romance. Having said that, if romance had to be broadly put in words, it would be to accept each other completely, even when they are not living by our standards of life, love etc.

So go ahead people, be romantic in your own special way. And take out a little time for your partner today, sharing your imperfect romance.  And that partner need not be only your lover, it might be even your pet, sibling. But I guess I’ll elaborate on that some other day.

Take care readers.