What “is” and What is

In this post, I plan to differentiate between how romance is defined for tell tales and what romance really is… based on my personal experience…

The pattern is, the defined part first and then the reality.

What “is”

and then

What is


1. Romance is all about candlelights and champagne

Romance is all about enjoying where you are (any lighting sceme would do), and whatever you have (even a bottle of water works just fine)


2. Romance is all about feeling special

Romance is all about being your true self, which includes being normal, moody, cribby etc


3. Romance is all about the perfect moment for everything

Romance is all about taking everything you do to be special.


4. Lastly, and most broadly, romance is all about the situation and the two “perfect” soul-mates together

Romance is all about being with the imperfect person in maybe not the best situation, but still being together for each other.


That’s my view on the imperfectly perfect romance… What’s yours?

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